Marble Countertops

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Marble is an elegant material that adds a touch of class and sophistication to any home or business. This metamorphosed limestone, consisting of recrystallizing calcite or dolomite, occurs in a wide range of colors and is used in sculpture and architecture. Calcite and dolomite marbles are of pure white color. When impurities occur, they form bands, streaks, and clouds altering the appearance of the stone, resulting in a unique piece of natural art.

Distinct types of marble rocks have different physical characteristics. Asa calcium carbonate, marble is vulnerable to acid and requires a sealant for protection. While some people may think it is not a kitchen-friendly choice, marble kitchen countertops made from marble with lower absorption rates are fine. Some marble types even have lower absorption rates than commonly used granite varieties. Marble countertops are terrific for bathrooms, fireplaces, bars, reception areas, lobby’s and accents.

No matter what project you are working on, marble will be a powerful addition and add a unique elegance to any room. Call Dwight Thompson today for more information or to schedule an appointment.