Kitchen Remodel

Custom Quality Kitchen Remodels at Reasonable Prices

At Thompson Granite, we pride ourselves on our affordable options for every aspect of your remodeling. We don’t just offer stunning stone countertops; we will also remodel your entire kitchen! Not much makes us happier than completely redesigning a kitchen to a stunning and elegant version of its former self.



Thompson Granite & Stone Inc. offers a customized design for your kitchen countertops. We specialize in granite, and we also offer marble and quartz countertops. These natural stones all come in a beautiful variety of thickness, colors, and veining. Aside from the fact that these stone countertops are beautiful and timeless, they are also incredibly durable and the perfect addition to any kitchen remodel. Your kitchen countertops are often an underappreciated aspect of your kitchen. But granite countertops can’t be overlooked, and will quickly become the star of your kitchen.




One of the reasons that we love doing kitchen remodels, is that we are able to help you create the perfect kitchen. And the perfect kitchen goes beyond just your countertops, just your flooring, or just your cabinetry. All of these things, and more, work together to create an effortlessly timeless kitchen. Pairing the right cabinets and paint colors with your countertops is an important part of the kitchen remodel process.


Affordable pricing


Most people put off a kitchen remodel because they are nervous about the potential cost of a project of that magnitude. We’ve worked hard to make ourselves an incredibly affordable option, while still maintaining the highest quality of work. Give us a call today to get a quote for your kitchen remodel!