Bathroom Remodel

Custom Bathroom Remodels at Reasonable Prices

Thompson Granite & Stone has been fortunate to serve the Salt Lake City market for more than two decades. During that time, we’ve learned the value of taking care of people who are seeking to improve their bathrooms with granite and other natural stone. So, when you invite us over to your home for a consultation regarding new new granite countertops or fixtures, it’s almost as though you’re inviting a friend who genuinely cares about providing a great service for a reasonable price. Just like you, we have high expectations when hiring people to do work for us, so we’re happy to be one of the most reliable bathroom remodeling companies in the Salt Lake City area. Whether you opt to use granite, marble, or another natural stone, we can give you the quality and polish that you deserve. Countertops, tiles, and bath frames can all become showpieces when you explore the possibilities of stonework. Granite countertops are both timeless and hardy, and thoughtful tilework, along with sink and bath fixtures, can all be beautifully customized for a truly unique look.

Granite Bathroom

Explore Your Options with Natural Stone

Your newly remodeled bathroom might feature granite, marble, or other stonework in a variety of ways. The most popular option that we’ve seen is with granite countertops, which lend clean elegance to any room. Granite countertops are durable and easy to clean. Explore different finishing options and beveled edging options to build the perfect countertop for your bathroom. Stonework can also be incorporated into backsplashes, shower and bath fixtures, and even flagstones.

Choose Thompson as Your Salt Lake Granite Specialist

We’d like to be your contractor of choice when it comes to installing custom granite countertops, marble, or natural stone countertops for bathroom. Since we know that our clients have discerning tastes, it challenges us to perform at a better level of service. In fact, we’ve achieved a good enough reputation that new referrals are pouring in daily, and we greatly appreciate you letting your friends, family, and colleagues know about our store. Please visit our showroom in Salt Lake City, Utah to view samples and discuss how we can bring your vision to life. To schedule your in-home consultation call (801) 860-4182.